Insurance, what is insurance? There are several types of insurance but the one that is used with the situation at hand is burial insurance (life insurance).

Burial insurance is a basic type of life insurance that is used to pay for funeral services and merchandise costs. Many policies varies on the age it will cover, some may cover up to 95 and other a little longer. Just make sure you ask your life insurance agent to get specific details about their company policy for life insurance.
Well, since infants are so young the best policy for them to be covered is a State Farm Children’s Term Rider policy or Whole Life policy. The name may be different from insurance company to insurance company.
Children Term Rider insurance is a policy that can be purchased while a woman is pregnant; meanwhile, if anything was to happen to the infant before the infant turns 14 or 16 days then the insurance wouldn’t pay out, which would leave the parents with the payment for burial arrangements; unless they find a burial financial assistant program for infants or an organization like Khairi and Little Angels’ Memorial.

Khairi and Little Angels’ Memorial plan to partner with several insurance companies in the near future. 
Insurance is always good to have on your child no matter how young.

Other companies to check into
Gerber Life Insurance Company (Children’s Whole Life Policy)
Mutual of Omaha (Children’s Whole Life)