How We Were Founded

Khairi is a baby boy that was born in May of 2014. Unfortunately, shortly after living on earth he was given his angel wings. Khairi was a preemie, that was needed more in heaven than here on earth; however, with his passing it caused his mother while on maternity leave to start

this wonderful organization. It was discovered that babies that live under 16 days are not covered by insurance policies and the funds have to come from the family to lay them to rest.

There are some funeral homes and cemeteries that are compassionate and willing to work with families at a time like this; while others are truly in it to make a profit.

However, the organization work with funeral homes and cemeteries to make this time less stressful for the family.  During the process of making arrangements for Khairi’s burial, his mother was quoted $5000.00 to bury him, this was the turning point for her. She thought he is a “baby” and not even a full-term baby, why so much?

Personally, it’s a known fact now that someone must take a stand and assist these families when in need which is why the calling has been placed on Khairi and Little Angels’ Memorial. We consider ourselves to be the voice for the baby angels’taken so soon and for the families left to deal with this devastating experience.

Obtaining Funds

Khairi and Little Angels’ Memorial is a non-profit organization. A non-profit organization is a corporation or an association that conduct business for the benefit of the general public without shareholders and without a profit motive. Therefore, Khairi and Little Angels’ Memorial will be hosting several fundraiser events and activities within the community to raise money to pay for its needs. It is through these events it is believed that communities along with the families that are provided assistance will become stronger. It has been stated that “It takes a village to raise a child”. It also takes a village of loving and supporting people to help heal a broken heart. Unity is the key.

In addition, Khairi and Little Angels’ Memorial also plan on obtaining funds by way of grants, donations, etc. All proceeds that are received for Khairi and Little Angels’ Memorial will be used for its intended purpose.

How We Will Operate

Khairi and Little Angels’ Memorial will operate off of a monthly budget each month

starting June 2016. It is not known how many families will need assistance each month; Khairi and Little Angels’ Memorial does not operate on a first come first serve basis. Khairi and Little Angels’ Memorial’s goal is to always operate with funeral homes and cemeteries that understand and have compassion for the situation at hand, which is the loss of an infant and the comfort of the family.