Prenatal/Postnatal Education

It is always important for every mom to know how to care for herself and her baby during any pregnancy as well as, after the pregnancy.
Unfortunately, it is a fact that all pregnancies don’t produce the happiest and joyous of times as we would expect it to; therefore, it is very important to know what type of help is available to you and what to do in an unhappy pregnancy.
Infants are sometimes lost at different gestational weeks during the pregnancy. Women need to know there is help available during this devastating time. Women need to also know they are not alone. Losing a baby happens more often than society tells us.
Khairi and Little Angels’ Memorial have partnered with the University of Alabama Women and Infant institute to help promote pregnancy and preterm labor education.

Enrollment is simple, just click the link and follow the instruction for enrollment.
A link have been provided for you to enroll in an all day Saturday class titled “New Life Series”

I hope you learn and take away some valuable information from the classes