Healing Support Group

Khairi and Little Angels’ Memorial healing support group known as “Stand by Us” is open to individuals that have experienced the loss of an loved one. In this group everyone has the same thing in common, which is we are all grieving over a loss. It can be the loss of a loved one, a divorce, a job, or maybe the loss one has experienced with a medical condition; such as an amputation. We want all to learn how to cope and adjust to the circumstances that have happened in their lives. ach person; Our want you to know and understand “YOU” are special and a blessing. This is why our support group has its unique name because we are teaching individuals every month about grief in a to heal. Therefore, we encourage all to “Stand by Us”.

We believe and know from experience that after the loss of an loved one that to surround yourself around like minded people is one of the greatest and best things you can do to began to heal. Healing is a process that doesn’t happen over night; especially, from a loss of any kind.

Not only does our group cause a person to feel free but it helps the person to grieve properly and to live a better fulfilling life

Just to have someone around you that understand you and that knows exactly what you are describing or enduring on a daily basis is a wonderful feeling after the loss of a loved one.

Let me ask you something…

Do you feel alone?

Do you find yourself isolating yourself because you have zero tolerance now?

Do feel sometimes like you are losing your mind?

Well, within our upport group we encourage self-actualization for individuals after the loss of a loved one or any loss to  get their life back; to normal as possible.

In the group we discuss specific topics, we talk, lean on one another, we cry together, practice healing techniques, play games, etc.

Join us on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

The group is FREE but seating is limited.

We are looking for facilitators!

Are you looking to become a facilitator for our support group? If so, fill out the attached application to let us know you are interested.