This is a story that I never dreamed or thought I would ever be telling. I am Tomeka Walker the mother of baby Khairi. However, I share my story so other mothers will know they are not alone. Khairi was my first and only child but due to negligence of a medical professional at a Birmingham, Alabama hospital, Khairi’s life was cut short. There were many preventable things that could have been done, but were not. I was sent home in labor and less than 24 hours later I gave birth to Khairi at home. I was a nervous wreck but I was also happy because Khairi was born alive and able to breath on his own. Unfortunately, after getting to the hospital the EMTs turned Khairi over to the nurse on duty, which caused for their oxygen to be removed off of Khairi but it wasn’t placed back on him by the hospital. Oxygen would have helped him greatly but it wasn’t  provided to him nor was he placed in an incubator. Sadly, my baby boy passed away alone. To learn more about my story purchase my book ” We Heard Your Cry” by going to the website 
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